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The publication of the well-known and internationally recognized Body Armor Standard has been gazing at the ballistic body armor for years now, and it’s because of this that the quality of the body armors produced is all of top-notch and the highest of qualities.

BA 9000 is the standard’s name for the Body Armor Quality Management System and its goal is to ensure that all body armor products, parts, and components are made, created, and manufactured in the best and the safest ways possible.

Developed and published by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), the standard has made its way into the depth of the industry, straying of all kinds of malfunctions, defects, and low-quality parts and components that prowl and scatter all over the market.

Body Armor BA 9000-IQC ISO9001

IS BA 9000 Required?

One of the things that people think of the BA 9000 incorrectly is the fact that it’s required – well, it is not! Being Certified against the BA 9000 Standard is not a requirement. However, it can provide a lot o benefit sand advantages to companies, businesses, and corporations – some of which include:

Certification to the BA 9000 would give a lot of advantages to Ballistic Body Armor producers, manufacturers, assembly facilities – even retail and commercial ones because of the quality assured of in the process.

By carefully abiding by and following the standard religiously, many companies, businesses, and organizations can experience a drastically reduced amount of testing; which, in turn, saves more time, more efforts, and can lead to more effectiveness and efficiency.

Gaining BA 9000 Certification is like having the assurance that all parts, components, products, and goods you produce in the body armor sector are all safe and of a high quality. Those are only a few of the benefits and advantages of getting that BA 9000 Certification – there are a lot more!


If ever you find yourself in a dilemma of getting the certification for your company or your organization, you can bank and count on us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals. Across the entire city of Sioux Falls, we are considered and deemed as the best and the most dependable company.


Who We Are

We are a company or an organization that strictly follows certain rules and regulations about particular and certain standards – but we are not, in any way, connected and related to the National Institute of Justice.

However, we are an organization that has a clear goal and objective – and that is to make sure that all manufacturers and distributors of body armor goods, parts, and products in the entire Sioux Falls would be able to get and obtain the BA 9000 Implementation that they need.

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