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The Automotive Core Tools, no matter how we look at it, are processes and methodologies that work in conjunction with each other. When used independently, they can improve and develop a certain part or process that a particular business or company provides – but when they are used as a whole, they can enhance and fully develop your organization holistically.

Utilizing and appropriately abiding by these Automotive Core Tools is just one of the few things that can drastically help and assist your company or your business’s procedures and processes – they have been designed to provide improvements and developments.

Should you require expertise and mastery of these Five (5) Automotive Core Tools, you can bank and count on us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals for it. So, what are the Automotive Core Tools?

Automotive Core Tools-IQC ISO9001


The APQP or the Advanced Product Quality Planning is the core tool that allows a company or an organization to showcase that it has the ability to manufacture, design, and develop a product that is actually what the customers and clients want.


Following the APQP is the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis tool – a process that would identify varying modes of failure as well as its effects. This process prioritizes this activity to help businesses and organizations refrain from being stuck with all the failures and defects that a product or a service can have.


Probably the most different and the most unique of all the Core Tools, the MSA or the Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) is the grand myriad of statistical methodologies and analyses used to measure the effectiveness of a process or a procedure.


The Statistical Process Control or the SPC is the method that is applied in quality control in which its main use is to monitor and to control the procedures and processes within a company or an organization.



One of the Quality Core Tools is the Product Part Approval Process, or more commonly referred to as the PPAP. It is the procedure that would showcase and provide a demonstration that a produced part or service meets the requirements of the client.

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