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The International Traffic In Arms Regulations or the ITAR is the body of organization tasked to improve and standardize the procedures and processes of importing and exporting weapons, armors, and other defense-related articles.

Within the industry, there is what we call ITAR Compliance – and this is the standard that would allow organizations and companies to get the certification that they need should they be needed and required by clients, customers, and other organizations.

International Traffic in Arms Regulation ITAR-IQC ISO9001

ITAR is a Requirement

As light as we would like to think of it, ITAR is among the standards that are required and it should never be disregarded no matter how small or how big your company or your business is. Under the United States, Munitions List or the USML, companies, and businesses would have to be aware of what’s included in the list in order for them to function and to be compliant and conformant to the standard.

If you are a business or a company related or involved in the import or export of goods that are included in the USML, then the ITAR is a standard that you need to live with. Here in the city of Franklin, there’s no other company you can very well count and bank on but us at IQC – the ISO Professionals if you want to experience first-class quality ITAR Training & Implementation.

We’re Not Part of the Military

As opposed to what many people think of what we are, we actually ARE NOT a company or an organization in the military; we are neither military nor weapons experts – what we are, is a company that has been indulged and invested into the world of international and global standards.

Gaining or obtaining ITAR Certification for you and your company is important because of the fact that it can enable you to not be incurred fees and other types of violations, which can include:

  • Criminal incurrences that could have fines of up to $1 million + at least ten (10) years of prison time; and
  • Civil fines that could cost you anywhere up to $500,000 per violation

Updates to ITAR

Before, ITAR didn’t seem to be that complex and complicated to be abided by and followed by businesses and organizations. However, because of its updates and its evolution, it has been one of the most complex and the most comprehensive requirements that has ever been followed and observed.

Other than the fact that we’re the best in making sure that you understand and that you correctly apply and integrate the ITAR standard into your business, you can also feel safer and more secure about your information and your sensitive data when you choose us.

Never will you be able to find a company that you can trust the way you trust us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals. Years have passed and we never – not even once – failed our clients with the services they need.

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