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In case you’re not in the know, the Aerospace Standard for the implementation of a QMS in the processes and procedures of an organization is based on the Quality Standard, or the ISO 9001. However, the AS9100 is not a standard that has been developed by the ISO, instead, it was developed by the IAQG or the International Aerospace Quality Group, the organization tasked and responsible for the creation and the development of the AS9100.

And in the event that you need help and assistance in terms of how you can fill up the checklist of the AS9100, you can count on us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals to help you with it. Across the entire city of Kearney, we’re the most trusted and the most reliable – and you wouldn’t need the help and the assistance of other companies and organizations.

Aerospace AS9100-IQC ISO9001

Understanding AS9100: What it is and What it’s Used For

The most important thing and factor in understanding AS9100 are that it’s a set of guidelines, rules, regulations, and procedures on how organizations and institutions in the AS&D industry can implement a QMS.

It’s based on ISO 9001 and is accepted and observed by AS&D companies and organizations from all across the globe. With IQC – the ISO Professionals, you will not just learn the value and the importance of the AS9100, you would also be helped and assisted in terms of how you can integrate it to your company or your business processes and procedures.

AS9100 Auditing Services

Other than that, you can also count and bank on us to help you in terms of how you can conduct a strict and relevant AS9100 Audit. This type of audit would help to check, assess, and evaluate how your organization is at par with the AS9100 Standard.

The Auditing team we have at IQC – the ISO Professionals are all skilled, certified, and adept in providing these types of services to the extent that you will never leave any important point in it.

Through all the AS9100 services we can help you with, you will never have a hard and challenging time working with us. Whether you need AS9100 Implementation, AS9100 Auditing, AS9100 Implementation, or help in the Creation of Documentation for the AS9100 Standard, you can bank on IQC – the ISO Professionals!


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In the event that you want to be serviced by the best, the most reliable, and the most experienced organization in the entire city of Kearney, it’s obvious that it’s us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals you would want to work with.

We are the best when it comes to any type of standard you need – from the basics of ISO 19011 or the Auditing Management System Standard, to the most complex and the most complicated of the AS9100 Family – we’re the best!

Experience ISO-related services like you’ve never before and prepare to be amazed by the quality of services we offer. Talk to us today via our hotline or send us an email!

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