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Among the many different business industries, the Chemical Industry is one of the most demanding and requiring of all. Other than the fact that it’s not a safe industry to play with, it can also be too dangerous and hazardous if the procedures and processes are not standardized and not considered to be safe.

This is where the Responsible Care or the RC 14001 standard comes in. The RC 14001, in case you’re not in the know, is considered as one of the most powerful, and the most impacting tools in the Chemical Industry because it’s utilized to improve and promote the health & safety performance of companies and organizations.

Responsible Care RC 14001-IQC ISO9001

What the RC 14001 Standard is For

In the event that you’re not in the know, the RC 14001 is the standard that allows businesses, companies, and organizations to get the certification dictating that they’re able to conduct effective and efficient processes and procedures that abide by the requirements set by the American Chemistry Council or the ACC.

Major Benefits of RC 14001 Implementation

Some of the advantages and benefits of Implementing the RC 14001 standard to operations and processes include:

Gaining certification does not only give you the image or the reputation of knowing what you are doing – but it’s also one way of beating your competitors because of the strong knowledge and skills you have in making all your processes and procedures efficient.

Through Certification and Implementation, you will never see any failure or erroneous activities and procedures within the business environment. You can encourage and promote teamwork within your organization more effectively.

Your customers and clients aren’t the only people that would trust you by having or gaining an RC 14001 Certification – you will also be able to improve and develop the trust and the relationship you have with your stake and shareholders.


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Choosing IQC – the ISO Professionals

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