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It’s not unknown to many that food is one of the reasons why many people get sick – they could be consuming the incorrect type of food or beverage, they might not be getting the right amounts of nutrition or vitamins from their diet – it could be both.

If we were to place the statistics on it, there are about 48 million people in the United States alone that get sick because of whatever type of disease that came from food (foodborne disease).

Because of this, several standards have been designed, established, and later on – published to help prevent the initiation and the spread of these foodborne diseases; and one of the most known and the most recognized is none other than the Food Safety Modernization Act or more commonly referred to as the FSMA.

Food Safety Modernization Act FDA FSMA-IQC ISO9001

Understanding What the FSMA is

So what is the FSMA? How did it become one of the most essential and the most relevant food standards in the market? The standard has been developed and published by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and it highlights the improvement and development processes that it had in terms of food production, distribution, manufacturing, and even retailing.

Before the FSMA, several acts and regulations have been established but those had their focus on how to treat and cure these foodborne illnesses and diseases. With the FSMA, however, the focus was shifted from curing and treating these illnesses to overall preventing them.

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What Benefits the FSMA Gives Companies and Organizations

Other than just being certified against a specific or a particular standard, what other advantages and benefits does the FSMA have for companies, businesses, and organizations?

Since the FSMA is a holistic approach in solving problems and dilemmas in the food business or industry, some of the most common and recognized benefits with it include:

  • Gaining more trust from the market or potential clients;
  • Keeping your business associates, partners, and investors in the same position and level of trust;
  • Decreasing and overall reducing the risk of developing foodborne illnesses and diseases;
  • Prevention of accidents – and overall, death
  • And many more

Implementing the FSMA regulations, procedures, and processes isn’t only for the benefit or for the advantage of the company or the business – it’s also made and done to help the market prevent problems that could develop to affect their health and their overall well being.

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