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All businesses and companies engaged and involved in the food sector or industry is very much aware of what the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is. For the sake of those who are not sure of what it is and what it can do for their businesses and organizations, it is the act that has been developed and published by none other than the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

For the first time in the history of food, the FSMA is the first act and standard that completely changed and altered the running and the managing of the entire food chain.

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The Purpose of the FSMA

Why is FSMA important? Why was it established and developed in the first place? The FSMA was published and developed to be one of the standards in the food sector and industry to help in the controlling and overall prevention of the development of foodborne illnesses and diseases.

Because food is a necessity, this standard or this act is deemed to be important and essential to the lives of people – not just for the sake of the certification of businesses and organizations.

Establishment of Food Regulations For Human and Animal Food

The Food Safety Modernization Act or the FSMA is the act that authorizes the FDA to establish and to implement regulations for food transportation providers, animal feed processors, even the production and the distribution of imported goods and food products.

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Other Standards We Can Help You With

If you mean food safety standards, IQC – the ISO Professionals is the only organization and company in the whole of Austin, Texas that can help and provide you the utmost assistance in the ISO 22000 or the Food Safety Management Standard, the GFC or the Gluten Free Certification, and even the Ethical Sourcing Standard from the SQFI or the Safe Quality Food Institute.

Other than that, we’re also the organization or the business you can fully trust and count on to help and assist you with the standards that might be of relevance and essence to you such as the Quality Standard or the ISO 9001, the Auditing Management System Standard or the ISO 19011, the Anti-Bribery Standard or the ISO 37001, and many more!

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