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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the agency responsible for the designing, the development, and the publication of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), imposed a total of seven (7) major rules and policies in implementing the FSMA into your business processes and operations.

These rules, in case you’re not aware, are the tools and the mediums you can use and utilize to create specific and particular actions to an area in the global food supply chain. At first, the rules and regulations might be hard to take in, but if you ask for our help and our assistance here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, you will not just be able to learn and understand it; you’ll literally see how you can concretely apply it to your business operations and processes.

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Seven (7) Rules and Policies of the FSMA

There’s no heavier or more important rule in the FSMA act; so, if you decide that you would implement the standard to your company, your business, or your organization, you need to be following and abiding by these:

Produce Safety

This rule is what establishes and puts emphasis on the minimum standards for the processing of food from farm to table.

Preventative Controls for Human Food

All facilities that produce, manufacture, and distribute human food registered to the FDA needs to have a written and documented plan that would help them detect and prevent and type of dangers and hazards.

Preventative Controls for Animal Food

All facilities that produce, manufacture, and distribute animal food registered to the FDA needs to have a documented and a written plan to be able to help them detect and prevent any type of dangers and hazards.

Foreign Supplier Verification Program

All importing companies and businesses need to be verified by their food suppliers – and those suppliers need to comply and conform to regulations of the FDA.


Third-Party Certification

This rule is what’s used to accredit and certify third-party certification organizations and bodies.

Food Defense

All food facilities registered to the FDA need to come up with or develop concrete and a literal plan that would evaluate, measure, and assess vulnerabilities and weaknesses by a company or an organization.

Sanitary Transportation

This rule dictates the need for companies, businesses, and organizations that transport and deliver food from one point to another.

Why You Need Our Help

Here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, we have an exemplary quality mastery of the FSMA to the extent that you wouldn’t have any type of problem when you choose to work with us. Other than the fact that you’ll not just be educated or informed, you can use and take advantage of our services for you to get the help and the assistance that you need in integrating it into your business processes.

No matter how big, small, or how young and old your company or your business is – you would find the FSMA to be a big help to your company or your organization. Dial us now or send us an email!

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