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All businesses, companies, and organizations have assets – no matter how big or small a company or an organization is, and even if they’re new, they would have assets or resources that prove to have value.

The standard and the act of Asset Management is one of the fewest but the best and most effective ways in determining what a company or an organization has in control. Through asset management, businesses and organizations can expect to have:

  • Improved and fully developed reliability
  • Fully developed and improved compliance in regulatory guidelines
  • Enhanced business practices
  • Better profitability and cash flow
  • Honesty, integrity, and overall transparency
  • And many more

But having an Asset Management System in place, without it being relevant and essential is not enough. In fact, the International Organization for Standardization or the ISO has developed a standard that would help companies, businesses, and organizations to be able to properly manage their resources and their assets.

Asset Management ISO 55001-IQC ISO9001

The Asset Management Standard

More commonly referred to and named as the ISO 55001, the ISO 55001 is the international standard that sets the collection of rules, regulations, policies, objectives, and practices that organizations and institutions need to abide by and observe if they plan on implementing a successful Asset Management System or Program.

Learning the Asset Management Standard is not as difficult and as hard as many of you might think – but when it already calls for implementation and system integration, it might be a challenge for some, if not most companies.

For the times that you think you need help from a company or an organization that you know you can trust and bank on, you can call us or contact us in any ways possible here at IQC – the ISO Professionals.

We are El Paso’s main option and choice for all their needs in the ISO 550001 standard. With the ISO 55001 standard, you’ll not only have the visibility on what’s with your company or your organization’s resources and assets, but you will also be able to have a proper outline of how the lifespans of your resources and your assets are.

Having this knowledge can be a complete turnaround for your company towards its success of properly handling and managing its assets and resources.


Choosing IQC – the ISO Professionals

Among all the other companies and organizations out there in the market, when you choose us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, not only will you get the training you need, you will also be taught and coached how you can properly integrate and inculcate it to your business or your processes.

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