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Medical devices, technologies, and articles are among the most sensitive and the most relevant equipment in the entire business industry. Since they’re related to health, it should be more taken care of and looked after.

This is the reason why the Medical Devices Packaging Standard, or more commonly referred to as the ISO 13485 has been established. In this post, we’ll discuss what this particular standard is, as well as some of the things you might want to know about it in case you want to achieve Certification.

Medical Devices ISO 13485-IQC ISO9001

ISO 13485: Defined

In case you’re still trapped in the bubble of wonder, wanting to know what the ISO 13485 is all about, it’s actually simple – it is the standard developed to be able to handle, manage, and control the production, manufacturing, and the distribution of medical devices.

The main objective of the standard is to be able to successfully and effectively facilitate the requirements of the creation, assembly, and manufacturing of medical devices.

How Companies and Businesses Would Benefit From ISO 13485

Should you be a company or an organization involved and engaged in the medical industry – whether you’re in the pharmaceutical industry, the hospital industry, or just in the creation of medical devices and technologies, you can expect to get the following benefits and advantages from it:

  • Streamline and standardize your processes
  • Improve and develop customer experience and satisfaction
  • Develop and fully enhance the decision-making process
  • Improve your organization or your company’s image
  • And many more

Cost and Time Savings

With the development of the ISO 13485, the team that published it had nothing but efficiency and effectiveness in mind. In other words, the goal of the ISO 13495 Standard publication isn’t just for the benefit of consumers, but also for businesses as well.

By being ISO 13485 Certified, it’s like saying that your company is religiously abiding by the laws and regulations of the medical devices industry – without missing a spot. It’s hard to take in, but that’s who it goes. It doesn’t, however, relate to the fact that they’re exempted from the three-year rule of ISO Certification expiration.

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We’re Not Engineers and Medical Experts

In the event that you’re thinking about us being tenured medical experts and engineers, think again. All the staff and the working professionals we have here at IQC – the ISO Professionals all have different backgrounds and stories – what molded their skill in the ISO world is the consistent and continuous training and development that we have integrated and inculcated in our business systems.

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