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For all businesses, companies, institutions, and organizations in the medical devices industry – whether you’re in the creation, fabrication, manufacturing, assembly, or even in the application sector, obtaining an ISO 13485 or the Medical Devices Packaging Standard could be crucial to your growth and development.

The Medical Industry is one, if not the most sensitive sectors of all. Since it relates to health, it is something that would need detailed and thorough information and data. Apart from the many perks and benefits that it has in the business output or processes, the Implementation of the ISO 13485 can also be seen in many different ways including:

  • Credibility and image improvement
  • Customer experience and satisfaction
  • More solid and more reliable position in the supply chain
  • Improve and develop certain business processes
  • Better and more effective employee engagement
  • Continuous development and improvement

There are actually a lot more – and most of them are going to be dependent on the position you are in within the supply chain.

Medical Devices ISO 13485-IQC ISO9001

Is ISO 13485 the Only Standard in its Nature?

The ISO 13485 is just one of the man standards in the entire ISO world that provides the guidelines, policies, rules, and regulations in the medical devices packaging industry. However, it’s deemed and considered as the most recommended because of the proof and the evidence of many businesses about its efficiency and effectiveness.

Should you be in the medical devices industry, and you’re looking at the option of getting the ISO 13485 Training and Implementation, you can very well count and bank on us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals.  IQC – the ISO Professionals, if you’re not aware, is the best, the top-rated, and the most effective and efficient ISO-certified company or organization in the entire city of Dearborn, MI.

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ISO 13485:2016: Harmonized Standards

Via the latest and the most recent update in the ISO 13485 Standard, which happened back in 2016, it was changed and modified to become more detailed and more in-depth. As per the harmonization of standards, this move would enable manufacturers to utilize the compliance power that they have as proof of conformity to the requirements of any given law.

Now, it’s an all-in-one and all-around type of ISO Standard that deals with the overall compliance and conformance of a particular business or organization.

Herewith us at IQC – the ISO Professionals, you will never be able to experience anything bad with our services. All the 3,000+ clients and customers we’ve had were able to juice out the training and implementation process that we have.

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