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Even before the dawn of the digital and the virtual age, the threats in the supply chain never ceased – in fact, there were even additions on the dangers and the hazards that continue to threaten the supply chain.

In case you’re wondering what these threats are, the most common and the most prevalent of all of them include:

  • Security threats
  • Frauds, knockoffs, and counterfeits
  • Production of defects
  • Terrorism and vandalism
  • Smuggling

Whatever supply chain you are a part of, you need to be wary of these threats as they can initiate the failure of your company or your business. One way of keeping them out of your system or your process is by the complete and comprehensive integration and implementation of the ISO 28000.

Supply Chain ISO 28000-IQC ISO9001

What is the ISO 28000?

The ISO 28000 is the internationally known and globally recognized standard for the security and the efficiency of the supply chain – whether it’s a food supply chain, a manufacturing supply chain, a medical supply chain, and so on.

The main objective of the ISO 28000 is to promote and to develop the integrity, honesty, and overall transparency of the supply chain no matter how big or how small a certain involvement is.

The Size of Your Company Doesn’t Matter

In case you’re thinking about your company or your organization’s size in relation to the success of the ISO 28000 Implementation, stop thinking about it. The size and the overall competencies of your company are not relevant and are not going to have a compounding effect on its implementation.

Herewith us at IQC – the ISO Professionals, you will never be able to find any inconsistencies about the way we perform and conduct the ISO 28000 standard that you need. Whether you need our help and our assistance when it comes to training – or if you need further help and assistance through implementation, we are the best.


ISO 28000 Benefits to Your Company

Implementing ISO 28000 is more than just improving and developing the supply chain that your company or your business is in; as a matter of fact, it’s just one part of it. The benefits and advantages that you can get other than that include:

  • Focusing on the business or the organization to the resources in the company;
  • Monitoring, observing, and following security risks in the supply chain;
  • Encouraging businesses to be mindful of their business processes;
  • Have a better and more cost-efficient set of processes and rules; and
  • Many more

ISO 28000 is not only for the benefit of businesses and organizations, it can be used as a tool to promote customer satisfaction and customer experience, too.

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