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What do you think are the benefits and the advantages that you can get when you implement a Gluten-Free Certification in your company or your business? How can this be a tool to improve, enhance, and develop your business’s systems, processes, and operations?

Prior to us diving into that fact, we first need to understand and comprehend what the Gluten-Free Certification is; what it is and what the things are that institutions and businesses need to do for them to get this certification.

Gluten Free Certification-IQC ISO9001

What is the Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP)?

As opposed to what many people believe the GFCP is, it is a voluntary program that would enable businesses, companies, and organizations to be able to prove that all their consumes and products are all reliable and free from Gluten.

In addition to that, the GFCP also requires companies and organizations to produce products that are gluten-free as well as from the risks involved in producing all consumes that do not pass the certification.

The GFCP Protects Consumers

Implementing the GFCP doesn’t only benefit and provide advantages to companies, businesses, and institutions in the food industry – it is also one good way to protect the market, specifically the consumers especially those that are diagnosed with celiac disease as well as patients and individuals who have illnesses and conditions that are affected when they consume Gluten.

Should you choose the option of implementing the GFCP to your business systems, operations, and processes, you can choose and bank on us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals for it.

For years, we’ve been the main and the primary option of businesses and companies in the food and beverage industry – not just in the city of Columbus, but across the entire country as well.


GFCP Benefits to Your Business or Your Organization

Why implement GFCP in your business or your organization? What are the benefits and the advantages that your company or your organization can have?

  • You can establish trust with your clientele and the market;
  • Develop and enhance the trustworthiness of your company or organization;
  • Grow and expand your business by being able to involve and engage other suppliers and organizations in the food supply chain;
  • Reduce and decrease the overall risk of your products; and
  • Many more!

Going Gluten-Free is something that you should be considering if you want to have a better and more improved business system or processes and procedures, you can count on us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals.

You will get more than just the given advantages and benefits – working with IQC – the ISO Professionals can open you to a whole new level of possibilities for your business.

Dial us today and never be worried about how effective implementing the GFCP to your business is. Transform your food business or your food institution into the most trusted and the most reliable one in the entire food supply chain you are in.

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