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In the ISO world, there are many different kinds and types of audits that can either make or break your company. One good example is that if a Compliance Audit was conducted to your business or your organization, and unfortunately, there were some activities and actions that imposed noncompliance, you could be up to a corrective action – or even worse – a sanction or a penalty.

However, among the many different types and kinds of audit conducted, the Pre-Assessment Audit remains to be one of the most sought after and the most loved by all organizations and businesses. How do you define a Pre-Assessment Audit? What is so special about it that many companies and organizations want it?

Pre-Assessment Audits-IQC ISO9001

Defining a Pre-Assessment Audit

Many corporations want it, while there are some that consider it only as a waste of money – what is it anyway? In the simplest definition we can give, a Pre-Assessment Audit is a type of audit that is conducted and performed before the official or the formal certification is done.

In addition to that, Pre-Assessment Audits are considered as the practice or the sparring of a company or an organization before they get into the real match.

The process is the same – it’s even dubbed as a mock-up of the real and the true Compliance or Certification Audit. The flow is similar, even the evaluation and the assessment of the documentation would not be far from what a Certification Audit would look like.

Who Need a Pre-Assessment Audit? Is It Required?

The final question where it will all boil down to – who would need a Pre-Assessment Audit? Can it be taken by any company or organization? Or is it only particular to organizations and businesses that are about to perform a Certification Audit?

All businesses, companies, and organizations that has either implemented an ISO standard, or a company looking to be certified can take a Pre-Assessment Audit. In addition to that, it is imperative to understand that it is not, in any way, required.

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Our Pre-Assessment Audits

In case you’re not aware, the Pre-Assessment Audits that we perform here at IQC – the ISO Professionals are always out of the norm – but that isn’t a bad thing. The approach and the procedures we utilize might be a bit unorthodox and peculiar but we’ve proven the effectiveness and the overall efficiency of our processes.

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