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Bribery is one of the poisons that slow down and eventually kill the effectiveness and the efficiency of companies and organizations. Because of bribery, companies fail – because of corruption, foundations get destroyed.

With the Anti-Bribery Standard known as ISO 37001, companies and organizations can sweep everything up within their company that relates to bribery and corruption. This ISO 37001 Standard is for the use of businesses and organizations to be aware of the internal communications within an organization or from an organization to a third-party institution.

Anti-Bribery ISO 37001-IQC ISO9001

Bribery Risk in Businesses

Some people might think of it as rare, but bribery within an organization is one of the most regular and the most normal activities. Imagine yourself in the situation – an outside organization is offering you a personal gift just for you to choose them as your supplier; would you pass on the chance? Would you stay clean and righteous?

Most people would say yes, but when they’re already in that situation – they’re always “given an offer they can’t refuse.” Having the ISO 37001 in place, business executives and leaders are given the chance to straighten whatever’s crooked within their organization.

Through the Anti-Bribery Standard or the ISO 37001, businesses, corporations, franchises, and organizations will be able to handle the risk in their own operations, their business processes, even their supply chain in the context of bribery.

The Best in Anti-Bribery Management Systems

All companies and organizations want to work with the best institution depending on the service they need. For the Anti-Bribery QMS, there’s no better company in the entire state of New Hampshire than us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals.

For decades, we’ve been the top-rated, most sought, and most trusted ISO-certified professionals and experts. Our expertise and skill go over the regular spectrum that our clients look for – whether they aim for Quality or the ISO 9001 Standard, or if they need help in the Ethical Sourcing or the SQF – we’re the best bet you have.

No Details Left Out

The Anti-Bribery Management Systems we help our clients out with is complete with nothing left out. We start out from the beginning and the raw factors such as the recruitment process, the Creation of Documentation – even how the procurement and operations go. IQC – the ISO Professionals will never leave a single detail out – and it will be something you will love about us.


Experienced and Dedicated

Work with professionals, experts, advisors, and coaches who have the most experience and skill in the ISO 37001 Industry. With IQC – the ISO Professionals, you can say goodbye to the activities adjacent to bribery within your organization. The dedication and the commitment we have in helping and assisting our clients always go over and beyond what they expect from us.

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