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Understanding how the Supply Chain works can be a tedious and requiring process. Contrary to what most people believe in, it’s actually more than just knowing what the supply chain industry offers – it would require much more effort especially if you’re not on the higher side of the ladder.

Through ISO 28000, all companies, businesses, and organizations involved and engaged in a Supply Chain would be given the chance and the opportunity to create, establish, design, and develop a system that would help protect goods, the people, as well as the business that they run.

Supply Chain ISO 28000-IQC ISO9001

Are Supply Chains Industry-Specific?

There are tons of business sectors and industries that benefit well from a supply chain that is consistent, relevant, and clean. Supply Chains aren’t specific to just one particular business sector or industry; instead, it can grow and crawl to many different areas.

From the production, the manufacturing, and the overall assembly of products and goods, they are a part of the supply chain.

ISO 28000 and ISO 14001

A wide majority of business owners and executives get confused with ISO 28000 and ISO 14001, with the thinking that they are the same. ISO 28000 is the standard set to provide the guidelines of companies and businesses in the supply chain industry, the ISO 14001, on the other hand, talks about environmental safety and security.

One good comparison that we can make is with ISO 28000 and ISO 9001 – which is the standard that promotes the establishment and the development of a Quality Management System (QMS).

Why Get ISO 28000 Certification?

The main and the primary benefits of the ISO 28000 is to help businesses in any sector or industry to have a more solid, more concrete type of supply chain that would aid and assist them in doing business.

Should your company or organization be in Dover, NH, you can bet that you’ll be able to get all the services you need from us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals. For decades, we’ve done nothing but provide ultra-high and first-class quality services to our clientele, regardless of what their business is and where they are in their supply chain.


How We Will Help You

Do you want to be certified in the ISO 28000 Standard? Do you look forward to earning that certification? If so, then you first need to properly and appropriately implement a management system that would comply and conform to the guidelines set forth by the ISO 28000.

And IQC – the ISO Professionals is the best in that! We offer certification, but we chose to relay that to a third party assessor with the main reason that we like to focus more on how we can help companies and businesses implement it.

Should you be interested, you can talk to us without any risk. Know about what you need to do and perform to get certification – know about what you need to implement. Work with the best and experience world-class quality services!

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