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The Supply Chain is one of the things that all businesses and organizations need to consider checking and evaluating from time to time. Other than the fact that they’re one of the best key ingredients to a company’s success, it’s also one of the many areas where most businesses fail.

Securing this is not easy, and as a matter of fact, it’s one of the weaknesses of most businesses and organizations in whatever industry they may be. Due to this, the Supply Chain Management Standard was born – and it was published as the ISO 28000.

Supply Chain ISO 28000-IQC ISO9001

A View of the ISO 28000

Does the standard talk about what needs supply chains have? Does it detail and provide information about what needs to be done? For clarification, ISO 28000, or the International Supply Chain Management Standard, is the set of practices, rules, regulations, and policies that address every requirement a Security Management System (SMS) needs to have for the supply chain.

Furthermore, it’s the standard that is used in order to specify each and every aspect of an organization in a supply chain for it to be able to monitor and evaluate its level of security, helping to manage the supply chain.

Is ISO 28000 Important For You?

Akin to how all other ISO standards work, companies are never required to secure themselves of the ISO 28000 Certification. As a matter of fact, it’s merely a document that dictates how well they abide by the regulations and the policies governing supply chains – but it’s not required.

However, obtaining or achieving that ISO 28000 Certification can mean two things: Win more businesses, and secure the stability of the supply chain. And if you’re already becoming more and more interested in getting an ISO 28000 Certification, you can trust us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals.

We’ve been deemed and considered as the best and the most remarkable ISO 28000 trainers, consultants, auditors, and coaches in the entire city of Nashua, in the state of Nevada – and we never failed to meet the expectations of our clients.


Our ISO 28000 Certification

Like how we do and perform most of the ISO Certifications in our services, we outsource and tap our third-party assessors for it – instead, IQC – the ISO Professionals focuses on the implementation and the execution of the standard into the processes and the operations of a particular business.

With our help, not only will you be certified; you will be able to get and secure the processes and the procedures too!

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