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All businesses, companies, institutions, and organizations involved and engaged in the creation, the manufacturing, the designing, the safekeeping – to the distribution of weaponry, arms, and other state & defense technologies, devices, and articles are required to have the certification from the International Traffic in Arms Regulations or more commonly referred to as the ITAR.

What is ITAR Compliance? How did this compliance become one of the most relevant and most essential requirements and standards in the weaponry and defense industry?

International Traffic in Arms Regulation ITAR-IQC ISO9001

Understanding ITAR

Should you feel the need to understand what ITAR is and how it’s important to businesses, companies, and organizations in the weapons and defense industry, we also need to have knowledge about the United States Munitions List (USML).

The USML is the list that contains the types of items, equipment, and units that require and need the ITAR Certification.

Who Needs to be ITAR Certified?

Does your company or organization need ITAR Certification? How would you know which companies, businesses, and organizations need it?

As per the standard, all businesses and organizations with any kind of involvement and engagement in the manufacturing, the selling, and the distributing of goods or services under the USML; even if they are a contractor or a supplier of those goods, are required to be certified.

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What Can ITAR Mean to Your Company

Implementing the ITAR rules, regulations, policies, and practices can mean a lot for your company. Other than the fact that you’re going to conform and comply with the ITAR standard, you can also avoid all the fines, the sanctions, and the penalties that go with being non-compliant.

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Work With the Best

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