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The Anti-Bribery Standard, also known as the ISO 37001, is one of the latest and the most recent addition to the ISO family. It’s considered and deemed to be the pedestal of business standards in identifying, avoiding, and preventing any type of bribery happening within an organization.

In a more detailed sense, the ISO 37001 is a standard that is attained not only by the regular training that we would expect. It’s achieved through the conduction of a full and a complete-package audit and evaluation to determine or assess if a company or an organization is abiding by rules and regulations.

Anti-Bribery ISO 37001-IQC ISO9001

Establishment of Anti-Bribery Procedures and Processes

To further understand what the ISO 37001 is, it’s important to remember that all the standard aims to do are to make sure that an Anti-Bribery program is in effect within an organization’s business standards and processes.

It involves the identification, the detection, the avoidance, and the overall prevention of bribery that can be conducted by the organization, or bribery activities that can be conducted against the organization.

Too Good to be True

The phrase or the expression “too good to be true” is real. In fact, it’s one of the most popular and most used phrases and expressions in determining a company’s risk of being involved with bribery.

Through the establishment and the publishing of the Anti-Bribery Standard or the ISO 37001, there’s no question of its goal and its purpose – and if you happen to need it to be implemented and observed within your company, we at IQC – the ISO Professionals are ready to help and to assist you.

Who We Are in the Industry?

Initially, our company, IQC – the ISO Professionals has been considered as the most reliable and the most skilled when it comes to any ISO standard; from Training & Certification, Auditing, Consulting, and even Implementation and Refreshers.

And because one of the standards we fell in love with is ISO 37001, you can bank and trust us that we will be able to provide all the needed and the necessary services for your company or your organization.


Benefits of the ISO 37001 Implementation

Here are some of the most common and the most sought after benefits by companies that look to achieve an ISO 37001 Certification:

Bribery Awareness

Since ISO 37001 is a standard focused on the development, avoidance, and prevention of bribery or fraud, the most important and relevant benefit would be the company or the organization’s way of discovering bribery.

New and Better Business Opportunities

The ISO 37001 Certification that you can work on with us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals will give you the guarantee or the assurance of acquiring many business opportunities. Not only that, but it can also allow your company or your organization to be more dependable and reliable in the market.

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