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The newest and the latest revision for the Food Safety Management Standard, also known as ISO 22000, has been published in 2018 and it’s successful in outlining and detailing all the requirements for the Food Safety Management of companies, businesses, and organizations in the food chain industry.

Every company or organization is involved – from farms, wholesalers, commercial retailers, vendors, even those in the restaurant, and the food consumption business is subject to this standard.

Food Safety ISO 22000-IQC ISO9001

The Use of ISO 22000

Since it’s a standard relating to food, it’s the complete aggregate of the Quality Standard or the ISO 9001 as well as the Food Safety Management System or the FSMS. The main purposes of the ISO 22000 Implementation include:

  • Provide confidence to businesses, companies, and organizations of the safety and the security quality of the food and products they offer to consumers;
  • Give assurance to consumers that an organization is recognizing and is identifying the products they offer consistently;
  • Make sure that all food products and services undergo certain levels of verification and accreditation; and
  • Many More

Food Safety Independence

More often than not, ISO 22000 can be standalone and can be implemented to a company or an organization that looks at the path of ensuring all investors, business partners, and associates, as well as stakeholders of the quality of the food and the, consumes produced.

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