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Before you decide which supplier you’ll be working with, what are your initial questions, queries, and requirements? What is your process in choosing and selecting a supplier that you know would be able to help you with the business that you run?

Supplier Evaluations are often disregarded and seen as an irrelevant part of any business process. But what does the Supplier Evaluation cover? What’s involved in the process?

Supplier Evaluation-IQC ISO9001

What Supplier Evaluation Covers

If we define Supplier Evaluation, we would arrive at a definition in which it’s referred to as a process of assessing or evaluating suppliers using a series of tests, data analysis, history, as well as qualitative and quantitative assessment.

More often than not, Supplier Evaluation processes are used before certification to ensure that the qualities required are met by a particular supplier. Otherwise, there’s always an option to look and work with a different supplier under the same supply chain.

There are a lot of institutions and companies that can help you perform and conduct a Supplier Evaluation – but how do you actually proceed to do it? Do you need external help and assistance? Or can you do it all by yourself?

Hiring a Third Party Assessor

As the owner or an executive of a business, you would be able to have the opportunity to choose and pick what happens within a company. There’s nothing wrong with hiring your own Auditor to perform the Supplier Evaluation that you need – however, they might be biased to their opinion and can cause a great deal of misinformation.

So, hiring a third-party assessor to perform the Supplier Evaluation that you need would be the best option – and it’s more than just biased opinions.

The city of Badger, AK is one of the most diversified cities out there. It’s home to many different businesses, which, of course, translate to multiple suppliers. In the event that your business operates within the city, you can bank on us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, the most sought and the most trusted ISO-certified Auditing Body in the industry


Why Choose Us?

When you work with us, you’ll not only get the information you need about your suppliers, you will also gain a competitive edge because you’ll know where to look to Evaluate your Suppliers, as well as how you can locate them.

IQC – the ISO Professionals has been so immersed in the industry that we’ve helped and assisted more than 3,000 businesses in our experience – all of which have become regular clients of ours.

You will be able to find whatever you’re looking for when you work with us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals. The Supplier Evaluation service we can help you with will not only give you a chance to look at your suppliers’ activities and business processes – but you’ll also have the opportunity to weigh whether or not they’re the suppliers that can help and assist your company overall.

Contact us if you need help in Evaluating or Auditing your suppliers so you can have that peace of mind!

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