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All companies and corporations experience bribery, one way or another. It might not be some type of direct bribery – it can be the subtler and the slyer way of saying it. But, as we follow the same book, we know that bribery is not the way of business.

Because of bribery, many accidents, dangers, and hazardous moments occurred and they wouldn’t have if it didn’t involve bribery. The ISO has had enough and they established and published the Anti-Bribery Standard, more commonly known to and referred to as the ISO 37001.

Anti-Bribery ISO 37001-IQC ISO9001

Overview of the Anti-Bribery Standard

Having the Anti-Bribery Standard in place, companies and organizations are assisted and helped in improving the compliance they have in the context of Anti-Bribery. This in-depth way of inculcating and integrating ISO 37001 into any business would include various measures and control programs that address either the bribery of the organization to its personnel and business associates and the bribery by the organization by its people and its business associates.

Should you happen to need an ISO 37001 Audit and Certification, you can bank and count on us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals to help you. We have the best and the most reliable team of experts in the ISO industry, in many different specifications involved.

Our ISO 37001 Draft

When you work with us, not only will we teach you the ways on how you can appropriate and properly achieve the ISO 37001 Certification that you need; we’ll also educate you in the creation of the draft control and prevention measures including:

  • Training for Anti-Bribery
  • Anti-Bribery Policy, Controls, and Procedures
  • Risk and Management Assessments
  • Monitoring, Reporting, Review, and Investigation
  • Corrective and Disciplinary Action and Continuous Improvement and Development
  • And Many More

As opposed to how other companies and institutions do it, you will never find a single error or inconsistency in the process that we offer. Never will you experience a negative insight when it’s us that you work with.


Identifying Bribery

Bribery has many forms – it can either be direct and indirect and it can be done by anyone within an organization, as well as the organization to a person or a group of people. With an ISO 37001 Certification in place, you can be carefree with the fact that bribery would never be nonexistent.

All the information you need as regards the prevention and the controlling of bribery here at IQC – the ISO Professionals will be given to you in the most accessible, the easiest, and the most efficient ways and manners possible. You can call us, send us an email, or use the Instant Quote Form that we have on our website to have a quicker and a more urgent response about your inquiries of how much you’ll need to get the service.

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