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With the rise of the technological age, many companies, businesses, and organizations started and learned how they can be keen and detailed with how they source, acquire, and get the parts, components, and other pieces that they need in order for them to build and to establish the main and final product they offer the commercial market.

Also, because of this, a lot of opportunists took their time and their chances – and that’s where the idea of counterfeit production kicked in. Counterfeits, contrary to popular belief, is not a “substitute” or an “alternative” to any original and legitimate product.

Counterfeits AS6081-IQC ISO9001

Dangers of Counterfeit and Fakes

Most of the time, experts and professionals deem and look at counterfeits to be dangerous and hazardous. They think of it that way not because of the cheap price they can be bought for, but because of the materials and other unknown content that it has.

Especially in the Aerospace Industry, the use of fake and counterfeits can lead to unimaginable disasters including the malfunctioning of aircraft, inconsistencies in the processes, defects, and other errors, and many more. Because of the sudden influx of counterfeit products in the electronics industry, the standard in identification, detection, and prevention, and avoidance of counterfeits has been established – more commonly known and regarded as the AS6081 Standard.

The practice of the AS6081 is known for its ability to help companies and organizations to source original and safe-to-use products. It’s a part of the SAE Aerospace Family of Standards that aim to:

  • Evaluate, assess, and lessen the risk of distributing and sourcing fake and counterfeit products;
  • Control parts, components, and sub-components that are created and manufactured;
  • Identify sources to be able to produce and procure parts; and
  • The report confirmed fraudulent, fake, and counterfeit products to the authority

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Here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, not only do we have over 150 years of experience, but our trainers are also adept and skilled in the field and the world of ISO firsthand. Mr. George Hummel, the founder of IQC – the ISO Professionals, was part of the US TAG to ISO/TC 176; the team that was tasked to revise and rewrite ISOs 19011 and 9001.

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