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Are you aware of the particular Aerospace Standard used by companies and organizations to help them craft the perfect flow of requirements, rules, regulations, and work processes and procedures?

Many people think of it as something that the ISO has established, when in reality –it’s not. The AS9100 standard is the ever-growing and changing standard of the Aviation, Space, & Defense (AS&D) industry and it’s what’s used in innovating, designing, developing, and creating sets of rules as well as products, parts, and assemblies.

As opposed to what most people believe in, it is a standard that has been prepared by the International Aerospace Quality Group or the IAQG, with special participation from various institutions and agencies.

Aerospace AS9100-IQC ISO9001

Aerospace Certification Benefits

Out of all the many advantages the AS9100 Certification can give you, here’s the top three (3) that organizations can get if they choose to be certified:

Global Recognition

Achieving the AS9100 Certification is more than just the receiving of the certificate – it symbolizes a lot more than that. In fact, when you get certified, you will be known internationally and globally as a safe and secure partner, allowing your organization to be marketed naturally.

Reduced Cost

One part of the AS9100 Standard is the reduction or the total elimination of waste and variation from a company. Waste can be anything such as unused employee skill, product, or a service that’s not being used properly and appropriately.

Through the AS9100 Implementation, companies and businesses would be able to reduce and decrease the costs they have with raw materials and other processes and procedures.


Proving of Skill

Last but definitely not the least out of the most common benefits organizations can get would be the fact that they will be able to prove their skill and their competence in the industry. By achieving an AS9100 Certification, it’s like dictating to the world how proficient and skilled you are in the Aerospace industry.

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