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The Automotive Industry has become so highly competitive to the point where many businesses, institutions, and organizations want to implement certain procedures and processes in order for them to be able to be better and more developed with their business operations and processes.

Through the practice and the Implementation of the Automotive Core Tools to your business, organizations, or institution, whatever your practice is in the Automotive Industry – or wherever you are in the supply chain, you will be able to streamline and fully enhance and develop the products and the services we provide.

Automotive Core Tools-IQC ISO9001

They Are Not “Independent Tools”

Many people like company owners, business executives, and managers see these Automotive Core Tools as an independent set of tools, however, they are actually not. Instead, they are actually tools and resources that are interconnected and linked to one another and helps to decrease and further reduce the workload of a company or an organization.

The main Automotive Core Tools are:

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

This particular tool or methodology is comprised of a few methods and processes that are used for the process of assuring the quality of the products sent and provided to your clients. Through the APQP, five (5) phases are followed:

  1. Pre-Planning Phase
  2. Planning and Defining Phase
  3. Product Design and Development Phase
  4. Process Design and Development Phase
  5. Product and Process Validation Phase
  6. Feedback Assessment and Corrective Action Phase

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)

The FMEA is the procedure or the approach that is used to identify potential failures that can result in negative effects in the business process. The process is done in order to prepare and anticipate failures that can be the result of inconsistency.


Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

The MSA or the Measurement System Analysis is just one of the processes considered as an experimental process that would identify the accessibility and the effectiveness of a certain assessment or evaluation.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

With the Statistical Process Control method, several statistical techniques are used to be able to understand a particular behavior of the system. In this study, a process will reveal itself should they operate in a certain way.


Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

The PPAP is a process that demonstrates and shows that products and processes perform based on how they are designed and how they are built and structured.

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