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Among the many different types of audits, the Compliance Audit is the one that focuses on keeping an eye on whether a company or an organization is complying with laws, regulations, as well as some of the policies of an area or a location.

Part of what it reviews, other than its compliance and conformance to corporate bylaws and policies include:

  • Internal laws and rules of a company
  • Processes and procedures (if it abides by the requirements of the law)
  • Its conformance and compliance to the local law
Compliance Audits-IQC ISO9001

What Happens if You Don’t Pass the Compliance Law

In the event that a certain company or organization gets audited not abiding by these laws and regulations, they can be subject to corrective action and when it escalates – can result in fines, penalties, and other types of sanctions.

Types of Compliance Reviews

Since compliance is such a vague term, it actually is categorized by a few different types and kinds. All of these can and are actually different from one another – they can be differentiated through many different factors.

Business-Related Regulations

This type of Compliance Audit would review and evaluate regulations, local laws, and conformance within their business or their organization. In this type of Compliance Audit, the auditor would need to review and reevaluate areas by assessing if the practices and the procedures of their companies are following the requirement.

Local Laws and Regulations

In this type of audit, the entity must ensure that they are operating and functioning in conformance with the local laws within their city. This basically means that a company or an organization would need to be trained within a given set of standards for them to pass this type of audit.


Policy, Processes, and Procedures

Last but most definitely not the least would be the policy or the procedure audit. In this type of audit, the auditor would need to perform the audit to see if their internal procedures, processes, and policies are in check.

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