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No one can be too sure about the standards and the rules they have set up for their company or their organization. Even companies and businesses that have been established for decades would not have an idea of how things would turn out for them.

If you have any type of doubt in terms of how the ISO Standards are, in accordance with how you plan on implementing and executing them, never miss out on the chance of working with us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, the most reliable, the most trusted, and the most approachable ISO-based organization in the city of Baltimore.

Quality ISO 9001-IQC ISO9001

Our Company’s History

Should you be interested to figure out why we’re deemed and considered as the best, it can all be traced down back to the roots of our organization – back to when we were first founded. The leader and the founder of IQC – the ISO Professionals, Mr. George Hummel, was a part of the US TAG to ISO/TC 176 team.

Their team was responsible for the creation rewriting, and revising of the most known ISO standards we know of today – the ISO regular Auditing Standard or the ISO 19011, and the Quality Standard, also known as the ISO 9001.

Developed and Improved Training Procedures

How good is it that an individual who has been a part of the team who rewrote and revised ISO 9001 and ISO 19011 is the one training our coaches, instructors, and our auditors? This is particularly one of the reasons why no company ever goes out of our watch uncared for – all our clients leave not only with a big smile on their faces, but also complete and utter satisfaction and contentment.

IQC – the ISO Professionals has developed and invested in the right and the best investments companies and organizations can have – from the right amount and types of people to the best training material.

Through the effective innovation and investments we have made, we became the best and the top company in the entire city of Baltimore when it came to any services related to ISO.


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Wherever you are in the city of Baltimore and you need help in terms of how you can implement and integrate a particular ISO standard to your business operations and procedures, IQC – the ISO Professionals is just one call away.

We have effectively streamlined all our services to make sure that we give our clients and our customers the prioritization they want and need. Never will you be able to experience ISO-related services anything like how we will help you with it.

Whatever ISO-related service you need, from ISO Training, ISO Documentation Creation, ISO Auditing, to the deepest realms of ISO Implementation, you can bank and count on us! Dial us now or send us an email to speak to one of our experts and professionals.

Get the specific service you need without spending tens of thousands of dollars for it! Trust IQC – the ISO Professionals like how many companies and organizations have!

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