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In the Aerospace Industry, the pervasive entrance of the Counterfeits industry has been sought to be inevitable – and it’s still widespread even up until today. Many companies and businesses struggle to find legitimate and original materials they need for their projects, production, and even operations.

This is among the multitude of reasons why the Aerospace Standard for the Detection of Counterfeits, more commonly known as AS6081 has been established. In case you’re new to the industry, or if you plan on being a part of it, learning what it is can do you a great deal of advantage over your competitors – so what is the standard all about?

Counterfeits AS6081-IQC ISO9001

AS6081 Overview

Understanding what the AS6081 can be perfectly in line with how companies and organizations manage products, specifically electronic parts, and components that are not from a legitimate or an original manufacturer or supplier.

The Society of Automotive Engineers, or more commonly referred to as the SAE, is the body of the organization that published and placed the AS6081 as a formal standard. For specifications, the particular standard has been created and developed for the use of distributors and retailers in the Aerospace sector in compliance with the generic Counterfeits Standard, the AS5553.

Differentiating AS5553 From AS6081

It is imperative for all businesses and corporations in the Aviation, Space & Defense (AS&D) industry to understand how the AS6081 Standard is different from the AS5553. In fact, the only thing people need to remember about it is that the AS5553 is a generic standard and that it’s a standard intended for companies journeying and sourcing from the open market.

Whereas the AS6081 is the standard that contains specific and particular information in terms of avoiding counterfeits and knockoffs from independent distributors or retailers.

Being AS6081 certified means that your products and your services are all checked, inspected, and evaluated – and you passed the audit, making you a formal or a legitimate supplier.


How You Can Get AS6081 Certification

Compared to what most people believe in, achieving AS6081 Certification is not as easy as it seems – it’s more than just appearing at a meeting, taking an assessment. It’s a continuous process and it would involve everything you know about production, manufacturing, and even the assembly of electronic parts and components.

Across the entire city of Gary in the state of Indiana, only at IQC – the ISO Professionals will you be able to find the best, the most detailed, and the most extensive AS6081 Certification. When you finally give your decision of working with us, you will not only get the AS6081 Certification that you’ve been wishing to have, we will also help you in terms of scaling it up, giving you the power to judge and assess even bigger and more complex parts and components.

If you want to work with the best; then that would undoubtedly be going to be with IQC – the ISO Professionals. Work with us and experience a robust framework of how AS6081 Certifications go.

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