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The Food and the Beverage Industry has blown up in the past years and it’s still continuing to see a lot of improvement and development because of the fact that food and beverage are among the most important and most essential necessities people can have.

However, it’s also unquestionable that many companies and corporations have been involved in scandalous events when it comes to hazardous and toxic content in their products. This is one of the main reasons why the Food Safety Standard or the ISO 22000 has been established and published.

The state of Alaska has been famous for its diversified business types and classes – and it’s also one of the states with the most food and beverage corporations. If you happen to be a part of the industry, you can bank on us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals to help and assist you in getting the ISO 22000 Standard Implemented in your company or organization.

Food Safety ISO 22000-IQC ISO9001

ISO 22000 Certification

Acquiring or achieving an ISO 22000 Certification does not, in any way, increase the cash flow or the profitability of your business. Instead, what it does is it certifies your business processes and your products marking it safe and healthy for consumption and for use.

ISO 22000 centralizes the Food Safety Standard providing some policies, processes, as well as other factors that determine its safety and security. There are companies that choose not to abide by the ISO Standards and they establish their own.

However, following an international standard does not only give you a chance to win more businesses, but you’ll also be able to see an overall benefit from it too.

Auditor Training

One of the things we are virtuosos of here at IQC – the ISO Professionals would be with our ISO Internal Auditor Training and Coaching Service – and it’s based on ISO 19011. Under our employ are the best and the most talented, skilled, and technical coaches, instructors, and auditing trainers who can provide high quality and excellent quality training that can lead your company or your organization to certification.

When it comes to the ISO 22000 Certification and Auditing, we have the best people who can provide the assistance that you are in dire need of. You will never have a hard time choosing us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals to get the ISO Training and Certification for the Food Safety Standard that you need.


Everything is Pointed Towards ISO 9001

When you choose us to be the main Auditing Body you need, you can expect to receive the highest level of ISO Standard Mastery. We’ve provided our clients with a lot of benefits and advantages through the ISO-based system that we offer. The ISO 22000 Standard is just one of the many standards that you can entrust to us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, there are many more.

Should you want to see all the other standards we can help you with, do not hesitate to visit our website or to contact us through our hotlines or through our email address. You can also choose to utilize our Instant Quote Form to get the estimate for the services you need!

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