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With emerging new products regularly seen and felt in the Aerospace industry, it’s difficult and hard not to think about the effectiveness and the overall efficiency of some of the products, goods, and services available. There are frauds, counterfeits, and even defects and malfunctions in the parts, technologies, and even the overall articles of businesses and organizations in the Aerospace industry.

That being said, everything that is renewed, revised or produced for the first time, whatever it is in the AS&D industry needs to be checked, evaluated – inspected to gauge whether or not they meet the requirements of the market or the clients.

This standard, dubbed and named as the AS9102 or the First Article Inspection (FAI), is the procedure that is done to inspect, gauge, and overall, identify the parts and the goods that are produced, created, and manufactured in the AS&D industry.

Aerospace AS9102-IQC ISO9001

Understanding the AS9102

If we are to further understand the AS9102 standard, it’s as simple as checking, evaluating, and inspecting all the goods, products, services – and articles that are produced, delivered, manufactured, and assembled.

Should you think of it as a requirement or in some types, a prerequisite of any particular standard, think again. The FAI or the AS9102 is a unique and a special requirement or procedure that has been developed and designed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

This particular standard has been created and innovated to help in the process of evaluation of whether a part of a component of a business is of quality and that it passes all the requirements of the market.

Major Elements of the AS9102

What’s checked from a particular product or service? What are the things that need to meet the requirements of the customers and clients? The most important and relevant elements in the AS9102 standard includes:

  • The tooling;
  • Documentation or records; and
  • Processes of production that are used (or going to be used)

Having all of these in check is one good way of assuring that particular good, product, or service passes the requirements in accordance with the Aerospace Standard.

Should you want to have the best and the highest quality of AS9102 inspection, you can bank and count on us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals. Across the entire city of Woonsocket, we are named and considered by many businesses and organizations in the city as their go-to company in being certified against the AS9102.


We Do More of the Implementation

To clarify things further, we here at IQC – the ISO Professionals care more about how we will be able to help and assist businesses and organizations in terms of performing or integrating the standard into their business processes and outputs, and we focus less on how we train and certify them.

For certification, we ask the assistance and the help of our business partners and associates for it. Talk to us if you need help with AS9102 – in any way you want. Work with IQC – the ISO Professionals, the best ISO-certified organization in the entire city of Woonsocket!

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