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The entire city of Westerly banks on none other than us for the AS9102 help and assistance that they need – whether they are looking for a company or an organization that they can count on to provide and conduct the FAI, or if they’re on the prowl to be taught the best and the highest quality of AS9102 Training and Implementation.

For the benefit of the people and the businesses that are unaware of what the AS9102 standard is, IQC – the ISO Professionals is ready to help you understand and comprehend it better and more effectively.

Aerospace AS9102-IQC ISO9001

AS9102 Overview

What is AS9102? How does it help companies and businesses in the Aerospace Sector or Industry? To further get what the AS9102 is, organizations and businesses need to come to a full understanding that it is the process dubbed and more commonly referred to as the First Article Inspection or FAI.

It is the process that would evaluate and would provide companies and businesses with the knowledge and the skill allowing them to be able to know and be aware of the quality and the overall functionality of the products, goods, and services they have.

Performing an FAI

Who can perform an FAI? Do you need to go and visit the SAE directly to conduct it? Or can you trust another business or organization to perform it for you? Whether you’re deep within the heart of the city of Westerly, or if your business or organization sits just right outside the city, you can freely give us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals a call.

We can help you perform the FAI that you need and give you all the specifications that you can have – from blueprints, drawings, descriptions – even the reports of how the testing or the experimentation went.

The expertise and the overall skill that our experts and professionals have would be beneficial and advantageous for your position – whether you are in the production, manufacturing, and even the assembly industry, you will find it useful.


Is the FAI Required?

The FAI is considered by many as the standard or the procedure that is unique – as it has a lot of factors involved in it. But to answer the question, it’s looked at rather as a requirement than a standard.

All parts, components, and articles that are reproduced, created, and manufactured need to undergo FAI to be check and see if the quality of products is up to the expectations of the clients.

Wherever you may be in the entire city of Westerly, you can trust us at IQC – the ISO Professionals to help you in conducting the highest quality and the best quality of AS9102 Training & Implementation – even the FAI itself you can receive.

Talk to us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals by giving us a call or by sending us an email – you will never be dismayed or disappointed to work with us! Experience the best and the highest quality of AS9102 Training & Implementation with us!

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