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Being in the Food and Beverage industry, one of the main standards that you would need to have is the Food Safety Management Standard, also known as the ISO 22000. This Standard goes well in accordance with the procedures and processes recommended by the Safe Quality Food Institute or the SQFI.

Quality codes and standards offered by the SQF is duly recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative or the GFSI and it’s one of the most vital elements in being known as a certified and an authenticated Food Business in the industry.

Food Safety ISO 22000-IQC ISO9001

Achieving or obtaining a Food Safety Management Certification is not required, but it is a crucial part of being involved and engaged in the Food and Beverage business or industry. There are a lot of benefits and advantages of getting a certification, some of which include:

Being Prepared For Newer Rules and Regulations

Unlike other stable industries, the Food and Beverage industry is not constant – it’s always subject to many changes and updates. By getting an ISO 22000 Certification, you are preparing your organization for all the risks in terms of changes that can happen within the near future.

Risk Management

By having an ISO 22000 Certification, organizations and businesses can play out all the necessary adjustments needed to be able to manage and reduce the risk involved in any business operation or process.

Maintenance of Current Clients and Customers

One of the major benefits of obtaining ISO certification is the fact that winning and gaining more business would be easy – and if you’re in the F&B industry, it’s going to be an easy round for you.

Cost and Expense Reduction

Reducing company costs and expenses doesn’t always have to be through removal or reduction – sometimes, proper management is enough. All of those are some of the main advantages you can get when you choose to work with us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals.

Here in the wide plane city of Tucson, most Food and Beverage companies come and ask for our aid here at IQC – the ISO Professionals for all the requirements and standards they need in accordance with the ISO 22000.

There aren’t a whole lot of companies and institutions adept and skilled in finding out what the requirements are – we’re actually your best bet if you want to achieve Certification. Our company is a haven for all ISO requirements that you need – we have experts and professionals in the Auditing Industry or Organization, we have the best line of craftsmen in the Automotive Industry, and many more.


We’re Trusted and Reputable

Wherever you might be in Tucson, you can bank and count on us and our skills in ISO 22000. Never did we fail to help and assist our clients with the ISO 22000 Certification that they needed and they wanted.

The same way other companies and organizations have, you can entrust the Training you need with us! With our excellence in the industry, you will never find any inconsistencies in the procedures and processes we perform!

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