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Whether you operate a business in the field or the industry of Medical Device or Technology Packaging, or if you are involved in the distribution of Medical goods and products, you would most likely have the urge to get the Packaging Certification, also known as the ISO 15378.

This standard talks about and discusses requirements and specifications needed by a company to implement a QMS in the Medical Device or Technology Industry. To know about it a little deeper, this standard is utilized to monitor, observe, and assess the quality of the products as well as how the products meet the needs and the demands of the customer or the client.

Packaging ISO 15378-IQC ISO9001

A Complete and Holistic Approach

The ISO 15378 is deemed to be a complete and holistic approach in the Medical and the Pharmaceutical sector as it plans out detailed information about how certain devices, technologies, and articles need to be packaged and distributed.

A wide majority of people disregard it, but the packaging of a certain Medical Device or Equipment plays a huge and crucial role in the security and safety measures offered by the company or the organization.

It doesn’t also necessarily mean that an organization without the certification can’t be trusted – however, the ISO 15378 is a standard that can improve and develop the overall credibility and trustworthiness of a company or an organization.

ISO 15378 Guidelines

The standard includes some important guidelines for companies and organizations involved in the manufacturing and the production of plastic, rubber, glass, aluminum, as well as other materials and elements that can be effectively and efficiently used for the packaging of medical equipment.

As per the ISO 15378 Guidelines, the most common points include:

  • Developed and improved operations
  • Less expensive and cheaper operational costs
  • Compliance to requirements
  • Identify any risks in contamination or defects in the manufacturing or the production
  • Reduction of overall eradication of waste and variation
  • And many more

Learning every corner and side of the ISO 15378 can allow and enable your business to be more trusted and to gain a better and more competitive edge in the industry. Learning it through the help of our experts here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, you will never have a problem.


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Should you have any type of concern or query about how ISO 13578 is plotted, you can bank and count on us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, the same way many companies and businesses have.

You will never regret your decision of choosing us because we would not just help you with the Training & Certification, we’re also ready to cite concrete and real-life scenarios and examples in terms of how you can utilize ISO 15378 for the benefit of the perks that it has.

If you’re thinking about getting certified – start now! It’s not a requirement but it’s a good way of clearing the market of any questions they have when it comes to your legitimacy and your credibility.

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