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In your experience and your opinion, what do you think are the main advantages and benefits of having research centers, laboratories, and experimentation centers in the business industry? What do you think makes them so important not just to businesses, but to consumers and to the market as well?

While many companies and organizations rely on their own skills, capabilities, and competencies – there are some businesses and institutions that actually heed the help and the assistance with training and implementing ISO 17025.

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What Are Testing Centers and Calibration Organizations?

In the event that you’re not aware of what testing centers and calibration laboratories are, they’re simply the institution that performs and conducts samples through experimentation, testing, and assessments that can be used and utilized to find answers to problems.

There are times, though, however, that these testing and calibration procedures and processes are used to make sure that some small variants and details work and operate at par with what your operations are.

For instance, imagine that you own a toy manufacturing company. The situation you can use and utilize would be when you’re trying to manufacture a new product; you will test out the effectiveness and the marketing prowess of the new product you plan on creating or manufacturing – and you can do so through the help and the assistance of these testing centers and laboratories.

Are You in This Business?

Should you be in this business and you’re looking for many different ways on how you can ensure the efficiency and the overall effectiveness of your services, getting or obtaining the ISO 17025 would be the best option to take.

Here in Sunrise Manor, Nevada, only IQC – the ISO Professionals is the corporation or the organization trusted by numerous testing centers and laboratories for the accreditation that they’ve been looking for.

As a matter of fact, we’ve helped thousands of these laboratories and testing centers get the assistance they need. Whether they’re in the testing or the experimentation phase, or if they’re a part of the quality assurance field – the guidelines set by ISO 17025 would be of much assistance!


Similarities With ISO 9000

Although both ISOs 9000 and ISO 17025 share a lot of similarities, it is important and imperative to understand that ISO 17025 deals with the technical competence and the quality of the procedures and processes of laboratories, testing centers, etc.

It’s a more specific and detailed approach compared to the ISO 9000 family. In the event that you need help, remember that IQC – the ISO Professionals is just one call or one email away.

Whether you need direct training and assistance, or if you need quality consulting and auditing services, you can absolutely treat us as your main option. You can bank and count on us for all the ISO-related needs and services you have.

You would never have a hard or challenging time dealing and working with us. Consider us as the best bet you have when it comes to all types of ISO services!

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