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All businesses, corporations, and organizations involved and engaged in research, testing, sampling, and calibration are recommended and advised to pursue the Laboratory Accreditation Standard, more commonly known as the ISO 17025.

This particular ISO is the international standard that sets out all the rules, guidelines, procedures, and processes needed by companies in the research, sampling, and experimentation field for them to be trusted and to promote confidence in all the activities and processes they do.

Laboratory Accreditation ISO 17025-IQC ISO9001

Recognition of Technical Competence of Laboratories

Most people, especially those saturated and exposed in the quality field for quite some time now, would be aware of the many similarities of ISO 9000 or even ISO 14001 to ISO 17025. However, ISO 17025 is particular to the testing, researching, and experimentation field.

It’s the mere difference it has – its focus doesn’t shift from one industry to another; it’s stagnant and it’s used and utilized by companies, businesses, and organizations in the testing and research department or division.

Why You Need ISO 17025

If your businesses or your practices are involved in the laboratory or the testing business, you would absolutely make use of the ISO 17025. In fact, here are some of the most common and the major reasons why your organization would benefit from the implementation of the ISO 17025.

The credibility of Your Laboratory/Operations

One of the primary reasons why many laboratories and testing centers yearn to obtain the ISO 17025 Certification is because of the fact that they will be able to have an increased and a fully enhanced reputation in the industry.

With ISO 17025, they will easily be trusted by many businesses and organizations, with what they are capable of doing.

Customer Trust and Confidence

Consider putting yourself in the position of your clients and your customers – how would you feel working with a laboratory or a testing center that has the ISO 17025 certification compared to an institution that doesn’t have one?

By implementing the standard, businesses and organizations can offer more trust to your company or your organization.

Increased Skills and Capabilities

One of the main advantages of ISO 17025 is that it can highly increase and strengthen the capabilities and the overall skill of a company when it comes to their processes, procedures, even their practices.


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