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The ISO/IEC 17025 is known and recognized as the global standard that is used and utilized by companies, laboratories, and research centers from all over the globe to set out general requirements in terms of how their processes and their overall processes and operations should go.

In addition to that, the ISO/IEC 17025 is the standard set out to implement and establish sets of guidelines, rules, and regulations about how laboratories and research centers should go. The main goal and objective of the standard are to enable laboratories, research centers, as well as other testing centers to have some type of consistent and reliable service in terms of testing, calibrating, and experimenting with results.

Laboratory Accreditation ISO 17025-IQC ISO9001

The Importance of ISO/IEC 17025

Across the entire ISO world, the ISO/IEC 17025 standard is considered by many as the main standard that trail-blazes the requirements and the sets of rules and policies that laboratories need to have.

Obtaining laboratory accreditation is crucial not only with how a certain laboratory or a research center operates – but also in terms of how they facilitate relationships between several sectors and departments.

Here in the city of Southaven, you can trust none other than us at IQC – the ISO Professionals for the complete and thorough training and implementation of the ISO/IEC 17025 to business processes and industries.

Our Company’s Mission and Goal

Should you be a part of the industry and you want to get the highest and the best quality of training, you can bank and trust us – the same way more than 3,500 companies and organizations have.

IQC – the ISO Professionals has been the sole provider of quality and exceptional laboratory accreditation requirements, rules, regulations, and policies that are relevant to the industry. When you choose to work with us, you will not only get the lessons and the training you need – you will also learn – you will be educated on how your business or your organization can successfully implement it.


Common Misconception About ISO/IEC 17025

Many companies, businesses, and organizations can’t still fully understand and comprehend the standard but to clarify further, the standard only sets out requirements and some activities that laboratories and testing centers can implement – it’s not specific.

So, it’s still best to obtain important and crucial information about how ISO/IEC 17025 can help and provide your company or business the certification it needs – and that is what we here at IQC – the ISO Professionals can help you with.

Talk to us today via our hotline or the email address we have on our website. Never be delayed in knowing and in gaining the information that you need for the development and the overall improvement of your company or your organization.

All types of testing and research need to have a standard in order for them to properly be integrated into a business system or process – and IQC – the ISO Professionals will never fail you on that.

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