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The GFCP, also referred to as the Gluten-Free Certification Program is a management system that is within the standards of food safety and management system that is applicable to manufacturers, distributors, and event production companies.

It has been created and initiated by the Allergen Control Group or the ACG, as well as the Canadian Celiac Association.

The reason why this standard has been strictly implemented is because of the fact that many of our consumers lately are becoming diagnosed with different diseases and illnesses that relate to the consumption of Gluten – and as businesses, it’s your responsibility to adjust to the situation.

Gluten Free Certification-IQC ISO9001

GFC Seal

How would you recognize a company if they are certified against the Gluten-Free Certification? What are the things and the factors that are involved in it? One of which is through the Gluten-Free Certification Seal.

This seal or emblem is embedded and printed on the products of companies, businesses, and organizations in the food industry that has been certified against the given standard. For instance, if you go and do the groceries and you want to know which products are Gluten Free, you can immediately see and notice them because they would have the GFC Seal.

Understanding Celiac Disease

Before you try to understand why the GFC is so important, it is imperative for us to know how bad celiac disease is and how it can affect the lives of consumers. For one, all consumers and shoppers diagnosed with celiac disease are all subject to the following:

  • Genetic Autoimmune Disease
  • Immune System Attacks the Lining of the Small Intestine – Non-Absorption of nutrients
  • Can Develop to Worse Diseases and Illnesses Including:
    • Thyroid Disease
    • Cancer
    • Osteoporosis
    • Neurological and Metabolic Imbalance and Disorders

Are you a company or business in the food and beverage industry and you want to be saved from the troubles and the complications that gluten can have to your company or your business? Do you want to be free from the stress that Gluten can have to your company or your organization?

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