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One way of making sure that your company or organization is not committing and type of crime in and outside the working environment is by putting and placing an ISO 37001 Standard – by establishing it.

The ISO 37001 Standard, or often referred to as the Anti-Bribery Management System, is the standard that sets forth the sets of rules, guidelines, regulations, scope of work, and procedures that a company or an organization can implement and practice to be free from any kind and type of bribery.

Anti-Bribery ISO 37001-IQC ISO9001

Bribery and Its Many Forms

In a normal setting, bribery is something that people would easily notice because it’s obvious. For instance, if a supplier wants to secure the business they can get from their clients, they could tell the procurement department or office that they are willing to give whatever it takes – but the transaction would be needed to be done under the table.

Bribery is inevitable – all businesses, industries, agencies, and even public sector conglomerates have at least a situation where bribery is present. Therefore, imposing the ISO 37001 Standard or the Anti-Bribery Management System can help in the optimization and streamlining of processes.

ISO 37001 Key Features

Why is ISO 37001 an essential standard for businesses, companies, and organizations? How can they help in the improvement and the development of their overall business processes and procedures?

Some of the key features that the ISO 37001 has include:

  • Continuous monitoring and reporting of business activities (internally and externally)
  • Focus context of the business or the organization
  • Measurement of the achievements, goals, and objectives
  • Risk mitigation and assessment

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