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The Food Safety Modernization Act or the FSMA is the act known that completely overhauled the regulations we once knew about Food Safety and Standards. Developed and published by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the FSMA is an act that enabled businesses and organizations shift their focus to fully prevent and avoid diseases and illnesses that sprung from food and other types of consume.

People who are victims of food poisoning are rapidly increasing not just in a yearly basis, but in a daily basis as well. Several companies and organizations grow concerned about the health of the market and their consumers and all they could ever do is abide by rules and regulations detailed in each particular standard.

Here in the city of Nicholasville, no other organization is trusted but us at IQC – the ISO Professionals in assisting and guiding businesses and companies in achieving FSMA Certification.

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FSMA’s Seven Major Rules

Just like other standards, the FSMA was able to come up with its own standards, helping institutions and organizations out, making it easier for them to impose and implement changes. The seven rules include:

This rule covers that all facilities that produce, manufacture, deliver, and retail human food needs to have a plan that identifies hazards as well as appropriate control methods.

Similar to how the Preventative Controls for Human Food rule works, this particular rule specifies the food given to animals (because we consume animals).

Following the animal food safety hazard rule, the Produce Safety rule establishes and creates the minimum standards for the process of consume, farm to table.

All importers need to undergo that their methods are compliant and conforming to regulations imposed by the FDA.

Auditing businesses and organizations in the global food supply chain is relevant – and this rule says it all.

All food businesses and facilities with an FDA registration needs to design a plan that would help in the evaluation of strategy for contamination and vulnerabilities.

All types of transportation of food – whether it’s cargo, receivers, loaders, carriers, and shippers need to have some type of proof that their services and actions are safe. This can cut a huge chunk of evaluation and assessment processes in each station to where the products are delivered.


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