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Many companies and organizations engaging in the Telecommunications industry find it difficult to understand that General Telecommunications Standard, also known as the TL 9000. This standard has been set and published for the purpose of realigning and assessing companies and businesses in the Telecom sector to set and manage the Systems Management that they have.

More often than not, this standard is used and utilized by organizations and businesses to check the quality and the processes that their supplier is doing to provide the products and/or services that they need.

Telecommunications TL 9000.-IQC ISO9001

TL 9000: What is it?

In case you’re not in the know, the TL 9000 is the Quality Management Standard (QMS) put in place to focus on the supply chain of the Telecommunications industry. Designed by QuEST Forum back in 1998, it is the international standard that would help identify inconsistencies and further improve and develop qualities of services and products of companies and businesses in the telecom industry.

Are you a supplier or a company in the Telecom Industry and you’re looking to get certified? Have you been wanting to work with the best, the most reliable, and the most experienced in the ISO industry? Worry not because we here at IQC – the ISO Professionals have been considered by many corporations and organizations as their go-to company for all the ISO-related standards and information they need.

TL 9000 in Connection to ISO

Almost all QMS standards specific to business industries are all attached and based on the ISO 9001 or the Quality Standard. The TL 9000 is the telecom standard focused on the quality assurance of products, parts, and services by companies and organizations engaged in the Telecom Industry.


Benefits of TL 9000 Implementation

Here are some of the general benefits that TL 9000 can give you and your organization:

  1. Enhanced and developed customer-supplier relationships (better supply chain)
  2. Continuous service development to customers
  3. Uniform industry performance
  4. Standardized Quality Management System (QMS) requirements
  5. And many more

Whether you’re a distributor, a manufacturer, or a supply chain root in the Telecom Industry, getting a TL 9000 Certification might not be required, but it will drastically help and assist you with whatever you need. In the event that you want to work with the best ISO-based company in the state of Nevada, IQC – the ISO Professionals is just a call or an email away regardless of your location in and around the state.

Our services are open to all types of companies engaged in the industry and we’ll be more than happy to help. The assistance and the help we’ve continuously provided our clients for decades never failed to meet whatever they expected; we even exceeded their usual expectations. If ever you find yourself in the middle of a dilemma without any easy and available options, do not hesitate to give us a quick call or shoot us a quick email. IQC – the ISO Professionals’ entire team is ready to help and to assist you!

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