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Your company or your organization’s assets can come in all shapes, types, and sizes – and they can be anywhere you want and like them to be. Even if that’s the case, one thing is for certain – no matter how bad or how good business is, and no matter how great you think you are performing, your company or your business would have assets.

Your organization or your business performing poorly doesn’t strip you the fact that you have assets and resources. Whatever sector or industry you are in, you would absolutely have assets – and those assets are the very reason why you are capable of sustaining your business or your company.

Through the ISO 55001 or the standard that is designed specifically to target and to make sure that all your company or your organization’s assets and resources are in check. But before we dive and get into that in more detail – do you fully understand what an asset is?

Asset Management ISO 55001-IQC ISO9001

Defining and Asset

A lot of people think wrongly about what an asset is. In its simplest terms, an asset is something that definitely everything that a business or an organization controls – and more often than not, that has a sustainable amount of value.

Assets could be anything, from people, physical properties, data and information, financial reserves – anything you can think of that your business or your organization controls are an asset.


Understanding ISO 55001

Therefore, the standard ISO 55001, or the Asset Management Standard, is the standard that clearly defines and discusses how businesses and organizations can appropriately and properly handle and manage their assets.

Developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the standard aims to:

  • Allow businesses and organizations to come up with plans and frameworks that would prevent misuse of assets;
  • Reduce the operational costs and expenses by looking after their company or their organization’s assets;
  • Enable better and more improvised way of planning;
  • Creating developed, better, and safer working spaces for a company; and
  • Many more

In the event that your interest in ISO 55001 is growing, you can definitely come and contact us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals to help you with the ISO 55001 Training & Implementation that we offer.

Through our program, you will not just be able to know what the entire Asset Management Standard is all about; you will also be able to use it to identify and control the assets of your company effectively and efficiently.

Among the many companies and organizations that work with us and ask us for our help and assistance, we are considered by many as their most trusted and their most recognized ISO-certified company and organization; not only because of the way we provide our services, but also how our consultants and our professionals work.

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