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Among the wide-scale and range of standards available in the ISO book – and even its counterparts, the Aerospace Standard, or more commonly known and referred to as the AS9100 standard, has been one of the most widely used and utilized standards of all.

But what is the AS9100 Standard and how can it be a benefit to your company or your organization? How would you be able to implement it efficiently and effectively into your business processes and procedures so that you provide higher quality and better services?

Aerospace AS9100-IQC ISO9001

Understanding the AS9100 Standard

Before we get into the list of how it can be beneficial for your company or your organization, it is imperative to understand what the standard is, first. In its simplest and shortest terms, the AS9100 standard is a particular document developed by the Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE).

Their main goal in developing and publishing the standard is to create a list of guidelines on how businesses in the AS&D sector and industry must operate and function to meet customer demand and exceed their expectations.

Following its journey of undergoing a total of four (4) revisions, the AS9100 Rev D. that we now observe and follow is the most comprehensive form of a standard that dictates the requirements of a QMS in the Aerospace sector.

What is in the AS9100?

In case you’re wondering how serious and how effective the AS9100 standard is, it is the standard that has been the combination of the ISO 9001 plus other requirements and guidelines set by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQFG) agency.

Technically speaking, everything that is in the ISO 9001 standard can be found in the AS9100 – it’s just particular and specific to the Aerospace sector and industry.

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