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Knowing whether or not the AS9100 Certification is for you is one of the most challenging and most complex things you can ever decide on. Not just because you’re in the Aerospace or the AS&D industry means that you’re already required to get it.

The AS9100 Certification, though many people believe it to be a requirement or a prerequisite, has been designed and developed for businesses and organizations in the AS&D Industry. However, it’s not only applicable and eligible for businesses and companies in that particular industry – it can be applied to other sectors and industries, too.

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AS9100’s Connection With ISO 9001

Originally, the first version of the AS9100, which was published and developed back in 1999, is based on the requirements and the regulations set forth in the ISO 9001 or the standard that details and talks about the ISO 9001.

Basically, it’s a quality management system that is leaning more towards the Aerospace or the AS&D industry; this is part of the primary reasons why it can also be used and utilized in other business sectors and industries, too.

Should you happen to be located anywhere within the city of Lancaster, PA, you can bank and count on us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, the most comprehensive, recognized, and most trusted organization that can provide AS9100 Training & Implementation.

Why Businesses and Organizations Want AS9100 Certification

What do you think are the reasons why a handful of companies and businesses look forward to achieving or obtaining the AS9100 Certification? More often than not, they scramble upon the following benefits and advantages:

  • Their wants and needs to expand and grow their business in the aerospace industry;
  • Their hopes of improving and in developing the QMS;
  • To lower the risks of malfunctions, defects, and inconsistencies within their business processes; or
  • If they plan on being recertified in the ISO 9001 standard

When you choose and decide to work with us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, not only will you get and receive the best and the highest quality of AS9100 Training & Implementation – you can also have the opportunity to perform better and much more effectively in the sector you are in.

The AS9100 Training & Implementation Program and Service we offer is not going to be a waste for you – in fact, it might be the only thing that can keep and that can allow your business or your organization to excel and to develop its business processes and operations.


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