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Is your business leaning towards the side of forestry or the management of forestlands in the country? Are you a part of the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA)? Should you be a part of that and if you have an institution or an organization inclined in forestry – you might want to consider getting the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Certification for your business or your organization.

In its simplest and shortest terms, the SFI is known to be the national standard that consists of a comprehensive and holistic set of performance measures, objectives, regulations, and even key metrics that would enable businesses to have a system based on making sure that forestry is promoted.

Forestry SFI ATFS-IQC ISO9001

SFI Basic Principles

The core of the SFI can be summarized via the following principles that you can get when you practice and when you implement the teachings and the procedures of the SFI – they are:

  • To utilize in their own forests and promote sustainability to other landowners;
  • To practice sustainability and forestry to meet the needs of the standard;
  • To manage lands of significance and forestlands;
  • To protect and secure forests from a wild range of threats such as diseases, pests, wildfire, and the like
  • To continuously enhance and improve forest management practices; and
  • To comply and observe federal, local, and state forestry laws and regulations

Getting SFI Certification

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The Certification Program we offer goes way beyond just us certifying our clients – we, in fact, do not handle our clients’ certifications. What we do, however, is we focus on implementation so that our clients can independently carry their way to the top without needing our assistance and our overall help.

When the time of Certification comes, we would pass it on to our business partners to help us in certifying our clientele.


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