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Internal Audits have been so high tech nowadays to the extent that they have evolved from being an activity that required the presence of the auditor, to a type where it can be completed and accomplished virtually or remotely.

Virtual Internal Audits have been the thing for most companies and organizations recently. Because of its ease and that it can be done wherever an auditor is, it’s the option chosen by many.

Here in the city of Jackson, WY, if you are eager to try out the most recognized and the most sough after Virtual Internal Audits, you’re just in the right page at the right time. We here at IQC – the ISO Professionals have been known as the masters of Virtual Internal Audits as we’ve performed it more than a thousand times.

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Our Experience in the Industry

Having serviced more than 3,500 different companies, businesses, and organizations – we have been told that we had the best and the most successful services that most, if not all our clients ever tried in their experience.

Due to that, we invested more in the craft and innovated a lot farther than what we are supposed to do. From the regular Virtual Internal Audits, we were able to migrate and transform the company from being only a physical company to being a company that is accessible and operable even in digital and virtual situations.

How Virtual Internal Auditing Works

It works the same way how the traditional and the conventional auditing works – it starts out with our auditors here at IQC – the ISO Professionals studying the internal controls, rules, policies, and regulations that the company or the organization has.

Then, it will become a Digital Service because the initial audit would not require our auditors to visit your location. From time to time, our presence might be needed but we would be compressing most of the things and the activities that can be done online.


What Are the Benefits of Virtual Internal Audits?

Your choice of whether or not you’re going to work with it will all boil down to what its benefits are – what exactly can you get from running Remote or Virtual Internal Audits? Here are some of the most common and most recognized reasons:

  • It’s timely and it’s accomplished faster than the regular types of audits;
  • Since it doesn’t require the full presence of the auditor, it can be completed seamlessly;
  • No paperwork about the records and the documentation would be scattered – less cost and less work in cleaning up for your company;
  • Better and higher chances of development; and
  • Many more

For the times that you’re thinking about getting a Virtual Internal Audit, never forget that we here at IQC – the ISO Professionals are prepared to give and to help you with it. Our Remote and Virtual Internal Audits have been widespread and their benefits drastically affect the business in a positive way.

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