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Within the entire city of Davenport, no other institution or organization has been trusted to conduct and perform ISO 13485 Training & Certification but us at IQC – the ISO Professionals. For decades, we have been the company many organizations dealt with when it came their time to be certified; or to have the standards implemented and embedded into their business processes and systems.

ISO 13485 is among the many standards we know everything about – we don’t have doctors or experts in the medical industry; what we do have are sets of skilled, dedicated, and committed trainers, coaches, auditors, and consultants that can help you with anything in relation to ISO 13485.

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What is ISO 13485?

Before we delve deeper into the pillars of ISO 13485, it is important for everyone to understand it. In the easiest ways on how it’s defined, ISO 13485 is the standard that has been published and developed to serve as the benchmark for the future success of businesses and organizations in the Medical Devices Industry.

It’s the standard that sets everything – from the requirements, the policies, as well as the rules and the regulations needed. The standard has undergone a hefty amount of updates, but the most recent, which was in 2016, included a lot of new information:

  • Clarification of Management Responsibilities
  • Clarification of Training Responsibilities
  • Risk Mitigation Focus
  • Development and Improvement in Facility Requirements
  • Improved Alignment of Design
  • Emphasis on Supplier Control
  • Traceability Procedures
  • And Many More

Do You Need to be ISO 13485 Certified?

Asking the question of whether or not you need the ISO 13485 Certification is just like asking the question if a business needs an executive – although not required, businesses and organizations in the Medical Devices Industry can well benefit from the Implementation of the Standard.

Upon finding which company you would be working with, look no further because we here at IQC – the ISO Professionals are more than happy, willing, satisfied, and contented with the quality and the caliber of services we can help you with.


Being ISO 13485 Certified

There are plentiful reasons why you should consider getting an ISO 13485 Certification – and one of which is the fact that it can increase and heighten your company or your organization’s chances of winning and gaining more businesses.

Being ISO 13485 Certified is like labeling your company or your organization as an institution that was able to pass all the checks, audits, and evaluations needed for and by the industry. Similar to how other standards work, all organizations that wish to have an ISO 13485 Certification wouldn’t be able to find it easily – it will and can involve a lot of training, developmental procedures, and the like.

Nevertheless, when you choose to go with our mastery and our expertise here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, you will never feel a shortage of all the liable and the useful information you can get.

Dial us now or send us an email to move forward on your journey of getting an ISO 13485 Certification!

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