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If you’re new to the business of process improvement, then you’re less likely to have heard of the Capability Maturity Model Integration process, more commonly referred to as the CMMI. In this specific post, we would work to help our clients out in terms of defining and completely understanding what the CMMI is – how it’s beneficial and advantageous to companies, and so on.

Capability Maturity Model Integration-IQC ISO9001

Understanding CMMI: What is it?

To some, the CMMI is just a process that would assist and help in terms of educating people on what factors it has that make it one of the most defined and the most efficient processes available in the industry.

In reality, the CMMI is a robust structure or framework used for process improvement through tapping the behavioral model of the business or the organization. All-in-all, the CMMI process is known as the approach for process improvement that helps organizations and businesses out using necessary elements of the process improvement.

Moreover, it can be used and utilized to help out in the guidance and the streamlining of process improvement for an entire company, organization, or just a team, a department, or a division.

Maturity Levels

With its goal of establishing maturity levels that would reflect the proficiency of each level, it’s known to be one, if not the most efficient, and effective business models aimed towards business process development and improvement.

It’s divided into five (5) levels which are hierarchic in order – with the one being better than the level below it. The levels start out from the 1st maturity model, up to the 5th maturity model, where it dictates and express its goals of focusing on the improvement and the overall development of a company or an organization.


Do You Need CMMI?

Most companies, if not all, would find the advantage of utilizing the CMMI process to exhibit better and more improved processes within their business or their organization. Here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, the most recognized and the most technical institution or organization in terms of providing CMMI Certification, you will never experience a problem wherein you’re not able to understand a particular maturity level.

All our professionals have been so adept and skilled in providing the right amount of education and training to our clients that we often relay to them strategies we have developed over a decade of experience in the industry.


Other Services We Offer

As a company, IQC – the ISO Professionals has been one of the most technical and skilled when it comes to business process improvement and development services. Other than the complete and total ISO services we offer, you can trust us to help you with some other services, which includes:

  • Lean Six Sigma Micro-Improvements
  • ISO Specific Standard Training
  • Standard and Business Management Training
  • Outsourced Internal Auditing
  • ISO Training & Certification
  • Documentation Cleanups
  • Documentation Creation
  • And Many More

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