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Working in a big company here in Anaconda-Deer Lodge County has some risks from external forces. Though this is what businesses normally focus on, it is also in your best interest to invest in your internal safety and compliance.

IQC – the ISO Professionals provides one of the best ISO standard systems available in the U.S. and one of them is the anti-bribery management system or ISO 37001.

This particular ISO aims to alleviate risks caused by unlawful behaviors of employees that may accept bribes from any stakeholder in exchange for a favor that may benefit the other. Another way for such behavior to occur is when the company itself bribes external organizations such as clients, suppliers, or channels for its own benefit. Be it monetary value, favors, material things, and intangible things, all result in loss of money and possible legal actions being taken against your company – and you don’t want that.

Anti-Bribery ISO 37001-IQC ISO9001

What Do We Do?

In order to prevent this, we will provide a system that can monitor your company by developing an in-depth audit and assessment inside your business. Ensuring that your processes are well secured from these threats, incorporating the system in key management areas is necessary.

Conflicts of interests will be prevented in any form of transaction – mostly commercial. And ultimately safeguarding your brand’s reputation and preventing any legal risks.

What Else Do We Provide?

Aside from ISO 37001, our company also provides different ISO systems so you can choose which system best suits your company.

  • Automotive IATF 16949
  • Body Armor BA 9000
  • Counterfeits AS6081
  • Facility Management ISO 41001
  • Food Safety ISO 22000
  • And many more!

We want you to be covered in different areas and some ISO works better if paired with another ISO. Just give us a call if you want to learn more. You may check out our website for our email and a direct hotline for more details. We’re sure to give you what you need.


History Of ISO

ISO has been helping companies around the world for more than 70 years. To give you some insight on how ISO started, we will discuss below how ISO changed the world and how we do our businesses using conformity and quality as standards.

ISO was not implemented until 1947 when 67 technical committees formed what will be used as a standard quality all over the world. The first ISO standard, ISO/R 1:1951 has been revised multiple times and is still being used today, ISO 1:2002. Slowly ISO created more and more standards that changed how the world used standard measurements. One of their published work in 1968 focused on freight containers, actively changing how goods travel from all over the world. ISO then moved towards nature and the environment focusing on air and water quality in 1971. In 1987, ISO published the most used standard today, ISO 9001 quality standard.

Today the ISO organization has contributed to more than 21,000 quality standards for all kinds of industries in the world. Quality ISO 9001 and Environmental ISO 14001 are most used today, as both standards are easily applicable in most business industries.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Montana. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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