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If you are part of the demographic concerned in the preservation and conservation of energy, the ISO 50001 is perfect for your company or your organization. This is because of the fact that ISO 50001 is a type of standard that specifies the use of energy requirements through the establishment of an Energy Management System or an EMS.

The main goal and objective of the ISO 50001 are to make sure that energy is used and utilized more effectively and more efficiently by a company or an organization in accordance with how their business processes and operations are.

Energy ISO 50001 and SEP-IQC ISO9001

ISO 50001 and SEP

Many people who have been reading or who have been exposed a lot in the energy sector could grow confused as to what the ISO 5001 is and how it’s different from the SEP or the Superior Energy Performance.

In detail, the SEP 50001 standard is a standard based on the requirements and policies of the ISO 5001; it only has the specifications and the particulars in the provision of superior energy performance.

They’re not totally the same standard, however, they are strongly and greatly linked together and for you to be able to understand it further, the SEP is a program that is taken up by businesses and organizations that are conforming and compliant to the rules, regulations, and practices of the ISO 50001.

Why Get ISO 50001 Certification?

What do you think are the reasons are on why companies and organizations are encouraged and pushed to obtain and achieve an ISO 50001 Certification? Both the SEP and the ISO 50001 can help businesses to practice certain methodologies and strategies to:

  • Trace and record the energy they utilize in a specific period of time;
  • Verify and check the results of how impacting the ISO 50001 Certification is; and
  • Be able to quantify the amount of energy they were able to save

Here in Salina, KS, no other company is trusted by businesses and organizations in the Training & Certification for the ISO 50001 but us at IQC – the ISO Professionals. Across the entire industry, we’re known and considered by many as their go-to company for all the energy-related services they need.

Whether they need help with ISO 50001 Training, Implementation, and the Creation of Documentation in compliance with the ISO 50001 Standard – IQC – the ISO Professionals is the perfect company that would have the right amount of skills and knowledge to help.


Real-Time Improvement

Working with other companies is never wrong, in fact, that would totally be up to you. However, what we here at IQC – the ISO Professionals can assure you is the fact that you would be able to see the results and the development in real-time!

We wouldn’t tell you that you have to wait for weeks or months for you to see how much your company has changed; nor would we ask you to stay put and observe it. We would educate and train you so you can become an organization that lives by the ISO 50001 Standard.

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