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All businesses that involve a whole wide range of business processes and operations consume energy. In case you’re not sure of it, energy can be anything that is used up in order to complete a particular process or procedure.

In most cases, people have the misconception that energy is only something that pertains to anything that the environment gives us – like the sun, water, and the like. In business, though, energy can be anything.

For companies, businesses, and organizations to be able to have a better and a more efficient use of the energy they have and they spend, one of the few things that they can implement is an Energy Management System, or more commonly referred to as an EnMS.

Energy ISO 50001 and SEP-IQC ISO9001

EnMS and EMS

A wide majority of people usually interchange what an EnMS is from an EMS. For further clarification, an EMS, or an Environment Management System is the process or the approach that is taken by businesses and organizations in order for them to have knowledge and skill on how they can conserve and utilize the environmental resources they have efficiently.

An EnMS or an Energy Management System is the procedure or the set of guidelines that detail and dictate how businesses and organizations should work and operate to have a practical and a literal approach on how they can integrate energy-efficient processes and procedures to their systems and their processes.


Implementing ISO 50001

One of the particular standards that businesses and organizations can have in order for them to be able to appropriately implement an EnMS efficiently is through the training and implementation of the ISO 50001 or the Energy Management System standard.

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Through our ISO 50001 Implementation – you will be able to:

  • Learn each corner of the ISO 50001 Standard;
  • Practice the rules, regulations, and processes involved in its implementation;
  • Allow the involvement and the overall engagement of your people and your working professionals;
  • And many more!

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